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1997 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory
June 29 - July 4, 1997

Daniel Costello
Bernhard Dorsch
Han Vinck

Program Committee:
Joachim Hagenauer (Chairman)
Henk van Tilborg (Chairman)
Rudolph Ahlswede
John Anderson
Ezio Biglieri
Martin Bossert
Pierre Chevillat
Daniel Costello
Ilya Dumer
Tony Ephremides
David Forney
Costas Georghiades
Christoph Günther
Te Sun Han
Kees Schouhamer Immink
Rolf Johannesson
Ralf Kötter
Torleiv Kl\1ve
Shu Lin
Jim Massey
Ueli Maurer
Edward van der Meulen
Heinrich Meyr
Jim Modestino
Ben Smeets
Aimo Tietäväinen
Gottfried Ungerböck
Frans Willems
Ephraim Zehavi
International Advisory Committee:
Rolf Johannesson (Chairman)

Martin Bossert

Local Arrangements:
Jürgen Lindner

Publications and Publicity:
Werner Henkel
Klaus Huber

Martin Bossert
Han Vinck

Social Program Committee:
Inge Bossert
Renate Dorsch
Peter Förster
Renate Lindner
Robert Schweikert

The 1997 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory will be held at the Maritim Hotel and Congress Center in Ulm, Germany from Sunday evening, June 29, 1997 through Friday afternoon, July 4, 1997. Detailed information on accommodations, travel arrangements, excursions and the technical program will be included in subsequent mailings.

Papers presenting new results in the following areas are solicited:


Both long (40 minutes) and short (20 minutes) papers will be accepted. Long papers will be reviewed on the basis of a complete manuscript. Short papers will be reviewed on the basis of an extended abstract between 500 and 1000 words in length. The deadline for submission of all papers is October 1, 1996 with notification of decision by February 1, 1997. It is expected that very few papers will be selected for long presentations. A manuscript that is submitted as a long paper but is not accepted in that category will be considered for acceptance as a short paper unless the author directs otherwise. Papers may be submitted either by mail (four copies) or by Email. Detailed information on Email submission is available by sending a blank Email to or via FTP at under /conferences/isit97 or via WWW at or Authors are requested to submit an IEEE Copyright Form, which is available by sending Email to or, alternatively, it may be achieved from the given FTP site or via WWW from

All submitted papers and extended abstracts should be sent to the following address:


It is expected that a small number of grants for the partial reimbursement of travel costs will be available for authors of accepted papers whose resources will not enable them to attend the Symposium. Applications for such a support should be directed to Prof. Vinck. Inquiries on general matters related to the Symposium should be addressed to either of the Co-Chairs:



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