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Workshop Report:
Workshop on Convolutional Codes May 22-24, 1996

The IEEE German Chapter on Information Theory organized a successful workshop on Convolutional Codes at the Institute of Experimental Mathematics in Essen, Germany. Twelve presentations considered practical applications and developments in the theory of convolutional codes. Highlight of the workshop was the presentation by Peter Höher from the German Aerospace Research Establishment (DLR), in Oberpfaffenhofen. He presented in a very clear way the Soft Output Viterbi Decoding (SOVA) algorithm as a straightforward suboptimal version of the MAP symbol-by-symbol decoding procedure as described by Bahl et al. in 1974. The group of Prof. Rolf Johannesson extensively described their results regarding the structure of convolutional codes. The industrial (Philips Research) contributions from Ludo Tolhuizen and Brian de Bart showed applications in High Density Recording and Digital Video Broadcasting. The 35 participants of the workshop enjoyed the time left for discussions which contributed to the general success of the workshop organized by Prof. A.J. Han Vinck and his students. A book of abstracts can be obtained from the organizer (

List of presentations

Stefan Höst (Lund University, Sweden), ``Some structural properties of cascaded convolutional codes''

Dejan Lazic (Univ. of Karlsruhe, Germany), ``Performance of highly parallel convolutional codes''

Peter Höher (DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany), ``Soft output decoding: from MAP to SOVA''

Sven Riedel (Univ. of Munich, Germany), ``MAP decoding of convolutional codes using reciprocal dual codes''

Joakim Persson (Lund University, Sweden), ``Sequential decoding of multi-level convolutional codes''

Brian de Bart (Univ. of Eindhoven/Philips, the Netherlands), ``Hardware implementation of a Viterbi decoder for Digital Video Broadcasting''

Ludo Tolhuizen (Philips Research, Eindhoven, the Netherlands), ``Diamond codes: geometrically inspired convolutional codes from block codes''

A.J. Han Vinck (Univ. of Essen), ``Catastrophic punctured codes''

Rolf Johannesson (Lund University, Sweden), ``Minimality and canonicality of rational generator matrices for convolutional codes''

Jürgen Winter (Techn. Univ. Darmstadt, Germany), ``Construction of UM codes based on RS-codes''

Emma Wittenmark (Lund University, Sweden), ``Convolutional codes over rings''


Caption for the picture:
Prof. Rolf Johannesson looking through his sheets

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