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Report: July 10, 1996

1996 IEEE Information Theory Workshop

Dan Carmel, Haifa, June 9-13, 1996

ITW'96 was held on June 9-13, 1996 at the Dan-Carmel hotel located on the famous Carmel mountain in the beautiful city of Haifa. At this forum the 65-th birthday of Professor Jacob Ziv was celebrated.

The organizing committee of ITW'96: Neri Merhav, Shlomo Shamai and Moshe Sidi of the Technion, Meir Feder of Tel-Aviv University and A.D. Wyner of Lucent Technologies: Bell Laboratories Innovations, enjoyed the valuable and efficient help of the staff of the conference organizing company - The Technion Division of Continuing Education and External Studies lead by Mrs. Pnina Sasson, and of Palex Tours.

The workshop has been generously sponsored by the S. Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science & Technology within its program to support scientific meetings related to research carried out at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. The sponsorship of many international and Israeli institutions as detailed in the following is gratefully acknowledged.


The workshop enjoyed the attendance of over 215 participants from 18 countries, of whom 119 were from local academic and high-tech industrial and governmental institutions.

About 35 students, of whom 28 were locals, attended the workshop.

Partial travel support has been granted to 12 students and young faculties and support for numerous prominent scientists from East-European countries has also been provided.

The jewel of the workshop was a truly superb technical program which comprised nine sessions of invited speakers:

Source Coding: organized and chaired by T. Berger.
Coded Modulation: organized and chaired by D. Forney.
Shannon Theory: organized and chaired by S. Verdu.
Convolutional and Block Block Codes: organized and chaired by R. Calderbank.
Cryptography: organized and chaired by J. Massey.
Network Information Theory: organized and chaired by R. Gallager.
Detection and Estimation: organized and chaired by V. Poor.
Communication Techniques and Models: organized and chaired by J. Wolf.
Statistics and Information Theory: organized and chaired by I. Csiszar.

The technical program encompassed also two vibrant Recent Result Sessions comprising 23 presentations organized by M. Feder and chaired by M. Feder and N. Merhav.

The highlight of the Technical program was the plenary address ``On the Individual Sequence Approach to Information Theory" delivered by the honoree of the workshop, Jacob Ziv, who was introduced by Abraham Lempel.

The full detailed technical program can be retrieved at

The Board of Governors meeting was held on Sunday June 9, evening.

A diversified social program was offered during the workshop which started on Saturday evening, June 8, with a welcome cocktail reception at the Dan Carmel.

The Dean of the EE Department of Technion, Y. Zeevi, welcomed the workshop participants at the EE department dessert reception on Monday June 10. During this event, R. Gallager and J. Massey shared some recollections on early MIT days, having J. Ziv as a student and class-mate.

The excursion to Jerusalem and tour of some attractions in the old city, on Tuesday, June 11, culminated in a reception given by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. After a short address by the IT Society president J. Gibson, the president of the Academy, Jacob Ziv, spoke on the role of the Academy in Israel's science, humanities and academic life.

The main social event was the workshop banquet held on Wednesday, June 12 at the old crusader's fortress in the beautiful Galilee kibbutz - Yehiam. A short speech by S. Shamai was followed by some warm words by M. Feder and by the brief address of J. Gibson. A. Wyner, who introduced the honoree Jacob Ziv, presented him with a plaque which reads: ``In Deep Appreciation on your 65-th Birthday, ITW'96, June 1996, Haifa". Jacob Ziv's address concluded that enjoyable event.

The organizers received enthusiastic responses from many participants and on behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the workshop and to all the participants who made it such an enjoyable and rewarding event.


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Ramesh Rao
Thu Sep 19 17:12:32 PDT 1996