New Books Raymond Yeung

Wireless Communications -- Principles and Practice,
by Theodore Rappaport. IEEE, 1996, 656 pp., $55 (IEEE Member price), $64.95 (List price), ISBN 0-7803-1167-1.
Contents: Introduction to Wireless Communication Systems; The Cellular Concept-System Design Fundamentals; Mobile Radio Propagation: Large Scale Path Loss; Mobile Radio Propagation: Small-Scale Fading and Multipath; Modulation Techniques for Mobile Radio; Equalization, Diversity, and Channel Coding; Speech Coding; Multiple Access Techniques for Wireless Communications; Wireless Networking; Wireless Systems and Standards; Appendices: Trunking Theory; Noise Figure Calculations for Link Budgets; Gaussian Approximations for Spread Spectrum CDMA; Q, erf & erfc Functions; Mathematical Tables; Abbreviations and Acronyms.

The Mobile Communications Handbook,
Editor-in-chief, Jerry D. Gibson. IEEE, 1996, 624 pp., $65 (IEEE Member price), $79.95 (List price), ISBN 0-8493-8573-3.
Contents: Basic Principles: Analog Modulation; Sampling; Pulse Code Modulation; Baseband Signaling and Pulse Shaping; Equalization; Line Coding; Echo Cancellation; Pseudonoise Sequences; Optimum Receivers; Forward Error Correction Coding; Spread Spectrum; Diversity Techniques; Digital Communication System Performance; Standards Setting Bodies; Wireless: Wireless Personal Communications; Mobile Radio; Base Station Subsystems; Access Methods; Location Strategies for Personal Communication Services; Cell Design Principles; Microcellular Radio Communications; Dynamic Channel Assignment; Propagation Models; Power Control; Second Generation Systems; Pan-European Cellular Standard; IS-54 North American Cellular Standard.

Source-Matched Mobile Communications,
by W. C. Wong, R. Steele and C-E W. Sundberg. IEEE, 1996, 268 pp., $56 (IEEE Member price), $69.95 (List price), ISBN 0-7803-1163-9.
Contents: Introduction to Digital Cellular Radio; Transmission Errors in Binary Modulated PCM Systems; Transmission Errors in Quadrature Amplitude Modulated PCM Systems; Weighted Binary Modulated PCM; Soft Demodulation Binary Modulated PCM Systems; Weighting and Soft Demodulation in PCM/QAM Systems; Source Matched Digital Transmission of DPCM Speech; Source-Matched Digital Transmission of Subband Coded Speech; Source-Matched Digital Transmission of Linear Predicitive Coded Speech; Glossary.

GSM System Engineering,
by Ashe Mehrotra. Artech House, 1996, 432 pp., $90, ISBN 0-89006-860-7.
Contents: GSM Architecture; Time and Frequency Axis Representation; Mobility Management; Security Management; Technical Details of GSM; Subscriber Management and Network Maintenance; Protocol Layering Architecture; Future of GSM System.

Introduction to Radio Propagation for Fixed and Mobile

by John Doble. Artech House, 1996, 220 pp., $83, ISBN 0-89006-529-2.
Contents: Radio Refractive Index; Fading on Microwave Systems; The Use of Diversity to Reduce System Performance Degradation; Propagation Induced Interference; Rain Attenuation and Molecular Absorption; System Outage Modelling; System Planning; Basic Propagation Topics; Prediction Methods; Models and Measurements for Mobile Systems in Rural, Suburban, and Urban Locations; Propagation Aspects of Cellular Radio Systems; Communication Into and Within Buildings; Propagation in Fixed and Mobile Systems -- A comparison.

Wireless Communications for Intelligent Transportation

by Scott D. Elliott and Daniel J. Dailey. Artech House, 1995, 315 pp., $90, ISBN 0-89006-821-6.
Contents: Needs and Analysis; Cellular Telephony; Radiopaging; Private Land Mobile Radio; Wireless Local Area Networks; Terrestrial Microwave Relay; Satellites; Meteor Burst.

Applied MAPLE for Engineers and Scientists,
by Christopher S. Tocci and Steven Adams. Artech House, 1996, 351 pp., $83, ISBN 0-89006-853-4.
Contents: Introduction; Linear Active Filters; Curve Fitting; Working with Ordinary Differential Equations; Continuous Control Applications; Discrete Control Applications; Discrete Data Processing; Switching Topologies; Glossary.

Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management

Edited by Saul I. Gass and Carl M. Harris. Kluwer, 1996, ISBN 0-7923-9590-5.
Contents: Advertising; Banking; Calculus of Variations; Data Envelopment Analysis; Econometrics; Facilities Layout; Game Theory; Health Care Systems; Implementation; Job Shop Scheduling; Lanchester's Equations; Maintenance; Model Accredidation; Natural Resources; Operations Management; Organization; Parallel Computing; Quadratic Programming; Rail Frieght Operations; Scheduling and Sequencing; Tabu Search; Unconstrained Optimization; Vehicle Routing; Water Resources; Yield Management.

Microwave Mobile Communications,
by William C. Jakes (reissue). IEEE, 1994, 656 pp., $48 (IEEE Member price), $69.95 (List price), ISBN 0-7803-1069-1.

Mobile Radio Communications,
by Raymond Steele. IEEE, 1994, 792 pp., $72 (IEEE Member price), $89.95 (List price), ISBN 0-7803-1102-7.

Computer Communications and Networks, 2nd Ed.,
by John Freer. IEEE (co-published with University College Press, London), 1996, 368 pp., $40 (IEEE Member price), $49.95 (List price), ISBN 0-7803-1179-5.

Telecommunications Primer: Signals, Building Blocks, and

by Bryan Carne. IEEE (co-published with Prentice-Hall), 1996, 624 pp., $50 (IEEE Member price), $59 (List price), ISBN 0-13-206129-5.

ATM: Foundation for Broadband Networks,
by Uyless Black. IEEE, 1996, $37 (IEEE Member price), $46 (List price), ISBN 0-13-297178-X.

Signal Processing in Telecommunications,
by E. Biglieri and M. Luise. Springer-Verlag, 1996, 460 pp., DM 98, ISBN 3-540-76019-9.

Data Communication, 2nd Ed.,
by D. C. Green. Longman, 1995, 224 pp., 12.99 , ISBN 0-582-24520-6.

Data Communications, Computer Networks and Open Systems,
4th Ed.,

by Fred Halsall. Addison-Wesley, 1996, 856 pp., ISBN 0-201-42293-X.

Wide Area Network Performance Optimisation,
by Robert Lloyd-Evans. Addison-Wesley, 1996, 352 pp., ISBN 0-201-42270-0.

Digital Signal Processing Primer with Applications to Digital
Audio and Computer Music,

by Ken Steiglitz. Addison-Wesley, 1996, 300 pp., ISBN 0-8053-1684-1.

Cellular Mobile Systems Engineering,
by Saleh Faruque. Artech House, 1996, 290 pp., $83, ISBN 0-89006-518-7.

Digital Beamforming in Wireless Communications,
by John Litra and Titus Lo. Artech House, 1996, 312 pp., $83, ISBN 0-89006-712-0.

Understanding Networking Technology: Concepts, Terms, and

by Mark Norris. Artech House, 1996, 268 pp., $59, ISBN 0-89006-879-8.

Advances in Transport Network Technologies: Photonic
Networks, ATM and SDH,

by Ken-ichi Sato. Artech House, 1996, 226 pp., $83, ISBN 0-89006-851-8.

Broadband Telecommunications Technology, 2nd Ed.,
by Byeong Gi Lee, Minho Kang and Jonghee Lee. Artech House, 1996, 728 pp., $107, ISBN 0-89006-866-6.

LAN, LAN Emulation, and ATM Technologies,
by Daniel Minoli. Artech House, 1996, 385 pp., $90, ISBN 0-89006-916-6.

An Introduction to International Telecommunications Law,
by Charles H. Kennedy and M. Veronica Pastor. Artech House, 1996, 279 pp., $78, ISBN 0-89006-835-6.

Information Superhighways II: The Economics of Multimedia,
by Bruce L. Egan. Artech House, 1996, 414 pp., $71, ISBN 0-89006-903-4.