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Affiliate Membership

All IEEE members, including those qualifying for special membership categories, may join any and all Societies upon payment of the appropriate dues. Affiliates do not qualify for any of these special categories.

Society Affiliates are non-IEEE members who have been admitted by a Society to some of the rights and privileges of Society activities. The qualifications for Society Affiliates, limits in rights and privileges, and dues are established by the Executive Committee.

Affiliate membership in the Information Theory Society is available to Scientists and Engineers who do not want to be an IEEE member because of interests and/or background.

Become an Affiliate Member now
Follow the steps below to join as an affiliate.

Follow these steps:

  • Enter the data as requested until the services page.
  • At this point, uncheck the box for IEEE Dues and Regional Assessment.
  • Click on recalculate. This changes the IEEE Dues line to the following: IEEE Society Affiliation.
  • At this point you need to uncheck the boxes for IEEE Spectrum and the Institute.
  • Click on recalculate. At this point the screen for services should reflect only the charges for the IEEE Society Affiliation Fee and the IT Society membership fee. This will allow the applicant to de-select the IEEE dues and recalculate the invoice. The recalculated invoice will show the affiliate fee and Information Theory as the society.