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The IT Society has over 6000 members worldwide who share professional interests in areas including coding theory; signal processing; communication and computer networks; communication theory; complexity and cryptography; detection and estimation theory; non-parametric estimation, classification, and neural networks; Shannon theory; and source coding.

The IEEE Information Theory Society Field of Interest is the processing, transmission, storage, and use of information, and the foundations of the communication process. It specifically encompasses theoretical and certain applied aspects of coding, communications and communications networks, complexity and cryptography, detection and estimation, learning, Shannon Theory, and stochastic processes.

As an active professional in Information Theory and related areas, you will want to enjoy all of the privileges afforded by the IT society to its members, including:

The monthly IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, which are widely considered to be the most highly regarded journal in Information Theory. MEMBERS GET ONLINE ACCESS TO THE DIGITAL LIBRARY WHICH CONTAINS ALL ISSUES OF THE TRANSACTIONS. Each year there is an additional special issue. In 1998, it was: "INFORMATION THEORY: 1948-1998 COMMEMORATIVE ISSUE" to appear in October 1998 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the publication of Claude Shannon's ground-breaking paper,`` The Mathematical Theory of Communication''.

The IEEE Information Theory Society Newsletter, a quarterly publication which provides timely information on activities in Information Theory and related areas. Interesting and informative sections include tutorials, President's Column, Conference Calendar, Golomb's Puzzle Column, Historian's Column, New Books, prize announcements, and reports from various workshops/symposia.

A worldwide network of IT Chapters offering a continuous program of technical and professional meetings.

Special rates to conferences, workshops and symposia sponsored by the IT Society, including the IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory and IT Workshops .

On behalf of the Board of Governors of the IT Society, I encourage you to join our society. The IEEE page on joining the society will direct you to all forms necessary for joining the Information Theory Society.

I would like to welcome you in advance to our society and look forward to your contributions to the IT Society and the IT community.

Hideki Imai, Membership Chair
IEEE Information Theory Society