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List of past and present Associate Editors and Guest Editors for the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory: 1958 -- 2006

Abu-Mostafa, Yaser Learning, and Pattern Recognition Nov-87 to Jul-90
Agrell, Erik Publications Editor Jul-99 to Jul-02
Anantharam, Venkat Communication Networks Jul-98 to Jul-01
Anderson, John B. Coding Techniques Mar-82 to Jan-85
Arikan, Erdal At Large May-93 to Nov-95
Ashikhmin, Alexei Coding Theory Sep-03 to Sep-06
Ashley, Jonathan Coding Theory Jul-01 to Jul-04
Barg, Alexander Coding Theory Sep-97 to Sep-00
Barron, Andrew R. Estimation, Classification, and NN Sep-93 to Jan-97
Bartlett, Peter L Pattern Recognition, Statistical Learning and Inference Apr-04 to Apr-07
Battail, Gerard At Large Jun-01 to Jun-04
Berger, Toby Shannon Theory Jul-75 to Sep-78
Biglieri, Ezio Communications May-92 to Jan-95
Blahut, Richard E. Shannon Theory Nov-86 to Jul-88
Blake, Ian Coding Theory Jul-98 to Jul-00
Boche, Holger Communications Nov-05 to Nov-08
Bucklew, James A. At Large Sep-90 to Jan-93
Bucklew, James A. Detection Jan-93 to Mar-93
Cahn, Charles R. Communications Sep-81 to Nov-82
Cai, Ning Special Issue: Networking and Information Theory Sep-04 to Sep-06
Caines, Peter Estimation and Filtering Nov-87 to Nov-90
Caire, Giuseppe Communications Oct-00 to Oct-03
Calderbank, A. Robert Coding Techniques Sep-87 to Mar-90
Cambanis, Stamatis Stochastic Processes Mar-85 to Sep-87
Canteaut, Anne Complexity and Cryptography Sep-05 to Sep-08
Capon, Jack Detection and Estimation Jan-75 to Sep-78
Chevillat, Pierre Coding Techniques May-90 to Mar-93
Chiang, Mung Special Issue: Networking and Information Theory Sep-04 to Sep-06
Chou, Philip Source Coding Jun-98 to Jul-01
Coppersmith, Don Complexity and Cryptography Nov-87 to Jul-90
Costello, Jr., Dan J. Coding Techniques Mar-85 to Sep-87
Cover, Thomas M. Pattern Recognition Jan-72 to Nov-74
Crepeau, Claude Complexity and Cryptography Nov-95 to Jan-97
Cruz, Rene Communication Networks Mar-95 to Aug-98
Cybenko, George NN, Learning, and Pattern Recognition Sep-90 to Jul-93
Deschamps, G.A. Editorial Board Member Sep-58 to Dec-58
Dickinson, Bradley W. Estimation and Filtering Sep-84 to Sep-87
Drenick, R.F. Stochastic Processes May-70 to Nov-72
Dumer, Ilya Coding Theory Aug-06 to Aug-09
Effros, Michelle Source Coding Sep-04 to Sep-07
Effros, Michelle Special Issue: Networking and Information Theory Sep-04 to Sep-06
Elias, Peter Editorial Policy Committee Sep-60 to Jul-61
Ephremides, Anthony Communication and Computer Networks Sep-88 to Nov-91
Erkip, Elza Publications Editor Jan-06 to Jan-09
Etzion, Tuvi Coding Theory Mar-06 to Mar-09
Fano, R.M. Editorial Board Member Sep-58 to Jun-60
Farvardin, Nariman Source Coding May-93 to Nov-95
Feder, Meir Source Coding May-94 to Jan-97
Fine, Terry L. Detection and Estimation Nov-86 to Sep-87
Fischer, Thomas R. Source Coding May-90 to Mar-93
Fossorier, Marc P Coding Techniques Oct-03 to Oct-06
Franks, Lewis E. Communications Nov-78 to Jul-81
Fuja, Thomas At Large Jul-98 to May-01
Fukunaga, Keinosuke Pattern Recognition Nov-78 to Nov-82
Gallager, Robert G. Coding Oct-63 to Oct-64
Gallager, Robert G. Communication and Computer Networks Sep-77 to Nov-82
Georghiades, Costas N. Communications Mar-95 to Mar-98
Gibson, Jerry D. Communications Nov-88 to Mar-92
Goethals, Jean-Marie Algebraic Coding Nov-78 to Jul-81
Golomb, Solomon None Jan-98 to Jan-01
Gong, Guang Sequences Dec-05 to Dec-08
Gray, Robert M. Shannon Theory Nov-78 to Jul-82
Green, Jr., Paul E. Editorial Policy Committee Mar-59 to Jul-61
Green, Jr., Paul E. Special Papers Jul-62 to Jul-64
Hajek, Bruce E. Communication and Computer Networks Mar-86 to Jul-88
Han, Te Sun Shannon Theory Jul-94 to Nov-96
Hartmann, Carlos R.P.Coding Theory Jul-83 to Jan-85
Helleseth, Tor Coding Theory May-91 to May-94
Helstrom, Carl W. Detection Theory Apr-65 to Apr-67
Herley, C. Estimation Jan-96 to Aug-98
Hero, Alfred Signal Processing Jul-94 to Jul-97
Hoholdt, Tom Coding Theory Jul-94 to Jan-97
Honig, Michael Communications Jul-98 to Sep-00
Host-Madsen, Anders Detection and Estimation Jul-04 to Jun-07
Hughes, Brian Detection May-93 to Nov-95
Humblet, Pierre A. Communication and Computer Networks Mar-84 to Jan-86
Imai, Hideki Coding Theory May-93 to Nov-95
Juditsky, A. Estimation May-93 to Nov-95
Justesen, Jorn Coding Theory Jul-00 to Jul-03
Kadota, Ted T. Stochastic Processes Nov-78 to May-82
Kailath, Thomas Detection and Estimation Jan-72 to Nov-74
Kanal, Laveen Pattern Recognition Jan-68 to Nov-71
Kassam, Saleem Detection Jan-91 to Nov-92
Kavcic, Aleksandar Detection and Estimation Jul-01 to Jul-04
Kieffer, John C. Shannon Theory Sep-82 to Jan-85
Klapper, Andrew Sequences Dec-99 to Dec-02
Kl¯ve, Torleiv Coding Theory Dec-95 to Dec-98
Kobayashi, Hisashi Communication and Computer Networks Jan-83 to Jan-84
Kobayashi, Kingo Shannon Theory Jul-04 to Jun-07
Koblitz, Neal Complexity and Cryptography Sep-99 to Sep-02
Koetter, Ralf Coding Theory Sep-00 to Sep-03
Koetter, Ralf Special Issue: Networking and Information Theory Sep-04 to Sep-06
Kohno, Ruiji Detection Jan-96 to Sep-98
Koplowitz, Jack Pattern Recognition Sep-84 to Sep-87
Korner, Janos Shannon Theory Mar-85 to Sep-86
Kramer, Gerhard Shannon Theory Jan-06 to Jan-09
Kschischang, Frank Coding Theory Sep-98 to Sep-00
Kumar, P. Vijay Coding Theory May-94 to Jan-97
Laroia, Rajiv Source Coding Jan-96 to Aug-98
Lin, Shu Algebraic Coding Jul-77 to Sep-78
Litsyn, Simon Coding Theory Sep-00 to Sep-03
Lucky, Robert W. Communications Jan-72 to Nov-74
Lugosi, Gabor Nonparametric Estimation Sep-99 to Sep-02
MacWilliams, F.Jessie Algebraic Coding Sep-81 to May-83
Madhow, Upamanyu Detection and Estimation Jul-98 to Jul-01
Marcus, Steven I. Filtering and Stochastic Processes Nov-90 to Nov-91
Masry, Elias Stochastic Processes Jul-82 to Jan-85
Massey, James L. Algebraic Coding Jan-73 to Nov-74
Maurer, Ueli M. Complexity and Cryptography May-92 to Sep-95
McCurley, K. Complexity and Cryptography Sep-90 to Mar-92
McEliece, Robert J. Coding Theory Sep-03 to Sep-06
McLaughlin, Steven Coding Techniques Jul-06 to Jul-09
Medard, Muriel Communications Nov-03 to Nov-06
Medard, Muriel Special Issue: Networking and Information Theory Sep-04 to Sep-07
Mehravari, Nader At Large Nov-87 to Jul-90
Merhav, Neri Source Coding Mar-97 to Jul-99
Modestino, James W. Communications Jan-83 to Jan-86
Modiano, Eytan Communication Networks May-05 to Apr-08
Moision, Bruce Publications Editor Jul-01 to Sep-04
Moulin, Pierre Estimation, Classification, Neural Nets Mar-97 to Dec-98
Mueller, Ralf R. Communications Oct-03 to Oct-06
Narayan, Prakash Shannon Theory Jan-00 to Jan-03
Neuhoff, David L. Source Coding Nov-87 to Mar-90
Nuttall, Albert Editorial Board Member Sep-58 to Oct-67
Odlyzko, Andrew M. Complexity and Cryptography Mar-85 to Sep-87
Okamoto, Eiji Complexity and Cryptography Sep-04 to Aug-07
O'Sullivan, Joseph Detection and Estimation Jul-98 to Jul-01
Pellikaan, Ruud Coding Theory Mar-97 to Mar-98
Peterson, W. Wesley Coding Apr-65 to Jul-69
Peterson, W. Wesley Coding Jul-62 to Jul-63
Pippenger, Nicholas Complexity and Cryptography Mar-79 to Jul-82
Polydoros, Andreas Communications Sep-87 to Sep-88
Poor, H. Vincent Detection and Estimation Mar-84 to Sep-86
Poor, H. Vincent None (Editor-in-Chief) Jul-04 to Jun-07
Porat, Boaz Estimation Jan-91 to Mar-93
Prabhakar, Balaji Special Issue: Networking and Information Theory Sep-04 to Sep-06
Proakis, John G. Communications Jan-75 to Sep-78
Quirk, Kevin Publications Editor Jul-02 to Jul-05
Ramesh, Rao Publications Editor Apr-98 to Apr-01
Rhodes, Ian B. Estimation and Filtering Mar-84 to Jul-84
Richardson, Tom J Coding Theory Mar-05 to Feb-08
Rissanen, Jorma Source Coding Jan-91 to Mar-94
Root, William L. Detection and Estimation Sep-78 to Sep-80
Roth, Ron Coding Theory Jul-98 to Jul-01
Rudolph, Luther D. Algebraic Coding Jan-75 to Jul-77
Ruina, J.P. Editorial Board Member Mar-59 to Jun-60
Sarwate, Dilip V. Coding Theory Mar-85 to May-85
Seroussi, Gadiel Coding Theory Sep-06 to Sep-09
Seshadri, Nambi Coding Techniques Jan-96 to Jan-98
Shamai, Shlomo Shannon Theory Jan-97 to Dec-99
Shamir, Adi Complexity and Cryptography Aug-82 to Jan-85
Shapiro, Jeffrey H. Detection and Estimation Nov-80 to Jan-84
Shor, Peter Quantum Information Theory Oct-99 to Oct-02
Sidi, Moshe Communication and Computer Networks Jan-92 to Jan-95
Siegel, Paul Coding Techniques May-93 to Nov-95
Siegel, Paul None (Editor-in-Chief) Jul-01 to Jun-04
Sloane, Neil J.A. Complexity and Cryptography Sep-77 to Jan-79
Snyder, Donald L. Stochastic Processes Jan-75 to Sep-78
Sole, Patrick Coding Theory Mar-99 to Mar-02
Soljanin, Emina Coding Techniques Jul-98 to Oct-00
Srikant, Rayadurgam Special Issue: Networking and Information Theory Sep-04 to Sep-06
Steinberg, Yossef Shannon Theory Nov-04 to Nov-07
Stinson, Douglas, R. Complexity and Cryptography Mar-97 to Dec-99
Szpankowski, Wojciech Source Coding Sep-05 to Aug-08
Tassiulas, Leandros Communication Networks Aug-01 to Jun-03
Telatar, Emre Shannon Theory Jan-01 to Jan-04
Thomas, John B. Stochastic Processes Jul-67 to Mar-70
Thompson, David J. Communications Mar-86 to Sep-87
Thompson, David J. Detection and Estimation Nov-87 to Nov-90
Tietaavainen, Aimo Coding Theory Mar-91 to Mar-94
Toussaint, Godfried T. Pattern Recognition Jan-83 to Jul-84
Towsley, Don Special Issue: Networking and Information Theory Sep-04 to Sep-06
Tse, David Communications Apr-01 to Apr-04
Urbanke, Ruediger Coding Techniques Jun-00 to Jun-03
Vaishampayan, Vinay A. At Large Jun-04 to May-07
van Lint, Jacobus H. Coding Theory Jul-85 to Nov-87
van Tilborg, Henk C.A. Coding Theory Jan-88 to Mar-91
Van Wijngaarden, Adriaan Publications Editor Jul-05 to Jul-08
Vardy, Alexander Coding Theory Aug-95 to Jul-98
Veeravalli, Venugopal Detection and Estimation Nov-00 to Nov-03
Verdu, Sergio Book Reviews Oct-03 to Oct-06
Verdu, Sergio Shannon Theory May-91 to May-94
Viswanath, Pramod Communications Feb-06 to Feb-09
Viterbi, Andrew J. Shannon Theory Jan-73 to May-75
Wagner, Terry J. Pattern Recognition Jan-75 to Sep-78
Wang, Xiaodong Detection and Estimation Oct-03 to Oct-06
Wei, Victor Coding Theory May-90 to Mar-93
Weinberger, Marcelo Source Coding Sep-99 to Sep-02
Willems, Frans M.J. Shannon Theory Sep-88 to Mar-91
Winter, Andreas Quantum Information Theory Oct-05 to Oct-08
Wolf, Jack K. Algebraic Coding Nov-70 to Nov-72
Wong, Eugene Stochastic Processes Jan-73 to Nov-74
Wyner, Aaron D. Shannon Theory Nov-70 to Sep-72
Yeung, Raymond W. Special Issue: Networking and Information Theory Sep-04 to Sep-06
Ytrehus, Oyvind Coding Techniques Jul-03 to Jul-06
Zadeh, Lotfi A. Special Papers Apr-61 to Apr-62
Zakai, Moshe M. Stochastic Processes Nov-87 to Sep-90
Zamir, Ram Source Coding Jul-01 to Jul-03
Zeger, Ken At Large Jan-95 to Aug-98
Zemor, Gilles Coding Theory Aug-03 to Aug-06
Zietouni, Ofer Filtering and Stochastic Processes Jan-92 to May-94