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Claude E. Shannon

Information Theory Paper Award

The purpose of the Information Theory Paper Award is to recognize exceptional publications in the field and to stimulate interest in and encourage contributions to fields of interest of the Society. The Award consists of an appropriately worded certificate(s) and an honorarium of $1,000 for a paper with a single author, or an honorarium of $2,000 equally split among multiple authors.

Past Paper Awards are as follows.

1962 G. Sebestyen Recognition of Membership in Classes IT Trans Jan. 1961
1963 D. Huffman The Generation of Impulse-Equivalent Pulse Trains IT Trans Sep. 1962
1964 J. Massey Threshold Decoding MIT Press 1963
1965 S. Stein Unified Analysis of Certain Coherent and Noncoherent Binary Communication Systems IT Trans Jan. 1964
1966 None     
1967 P. Schalkwijk and T. Kailath A Coding Scheme for Additive Noise Channes with Feedback, Part I IT Trans Apr. 1966
1968 A. Viterbi Error Bounds for Convolutional Codes and an Asyptotically Optimum Decoding Algorithm IT Trans Apr. 1967
1969 E. Berlekamp Algebraic Coding Theory McGraw-Hill 1968
1970 G.D. Forney, Jr. Exponential Error Bounds for Erasure, List and Decision Feedback Schemes IT Trans March 1968
1971 F. Jelinek Tree Encoding of Memoryless Time-Discrete Sources with a Fidelity Criterion IT Trans. Sep. 1969
1972 V. Goppa A New Class of Linear Error Correcting Codes PPI Sep. 1970
  Rational Representation of Codes and (L,g)-Codes PPI Sep. 1971
1973 T. Cover Broadcast Channels IT Trans Jan. 1972
1974 S. Arimoto An Algorithm for Computing the Capacity of Arbitrary Discrete Memoryless Channels IT Trans Jan. 1972
1974 R. Blahut Computation of Channel Capacity and Rate-distortion Functions IT Trans July 1972
1975 D. Slepian and J. Wolf Noiseless Coding of Correlated Information Sources IT Trans July 1973
1976 L. Davisson and R. Gray Source Coding Theorems without the Ergodic Assumption IT Trans July 1974
  The Ergodic Decomposition of Stationary Discrete Random Processes IT Trans Sep. 1974
1977 A. Wyner and J. Ziv The Rate-Distortion Function for Source Coding with Side Information at the Decoder IT Trans Jan. 1976
1978 W. Diffie and M. Hellman New Directions in Cryptography IT Trans Nov. 1976
1978 R.L. Rivest, A. Shamir and L.M. Adleman On Digital Signatures And Public-Key Cryptosystems MIT Rep. Apr. 1977
1979 J. Ziv and A. Lempel A Universal Algorithm for Sequential Data Compression IT Trans May 1977
1980 L. Lovasz On the Shannon Capacity of a Graph IT Trans Jan. 1979
1981 J. Capetanakis Tree Algorithms for Packet Broadcast Channels IT Trans Sept. 1979
B. Tsybakov and V. Mikhailov Free Synchronous Packet Access in a Broadcast Channel with Feedback PPI Oct. 1978
1982 V. Benes Exact Finite-Dimensional Filters for Certain Diffusions with Nonlinear Drift Stochastics 1981
1983 M. Tsfasman, S. Vladut and T. Zink Modular Curves, Shimura Curves, and Goppa Codes Better than the Varsharmov-Gilbert Bound Math. Nach. 1982
1984 G. Ungerboeck Channel Coding with Multilevel/Phase Signals IT Trans Jan. 1982
1985 R. Adler, D. Coppersmith and M. Hassner Algorithms for Sliding Block Codes-An Application of Symbolic Dynamics to Information Theory IT Trans Jan. 1983
1986 J. Rissanen Universal Coding, Information, Prediction, and Estimation IT Trans July 1986
1987 J.H. Conway and N.J.A. Sloane Lexicographic Codes: Error-Correcting Codes from Game Theory IT Trans May 1986
1988 R. Ahlswede and I. Csiszar Hypothesis Testing with Communication Constraints IT Trans July 1986
1989 L. Wei Trellis-Coded Modulation with Multidimensional Constellations IT Trans July 1987
1990 R. Ahlswede and G. Dueck Identification via Channels IT Trans Jan. 1989
1991 J. Justesen, K. Larsen, H. Jensen, A. Havemose and T. Hoholdt Construction and Decoding of a Class of Algebraic Geometry Codes IT Trans July 1989
1992 R. Karabed and P. Siegel Matched Spectral Null Codes for Partial Response Channels IT Trans May 1991
1993 M. Feder, N. Merhav and M. Gutman Universal Prediction of Individual Sequences IT Trans. July 1992
1994 G. Feng and T. Rao Decoding Algebraic-Geometry Codes up to the Designed Minimum Distance IT Trans Jan. 1994
1995 A. Hammons, P. Kumar, R. Calderbank, N.J.A. Sloane and P. Sole The Z_4 Linearity of Kerdock, Preparata, Goethals and Related Codes IT Trans. March 1994
1996 F. Willems, Y. Shtarkov and T. Tjalkens The Context Teee Weighting Method: Basic Properties IT Trans. May 1995
1997 C. Berrou and A. Glavieux Near Optimum Error-correcting Coding and Decoding: Turbo Codes Trans. Commun. Oct. 1996.
1998 V. Anantharam and S. Verdu, Bits through Queues IT Trans. Jan. 1996
1999 V. Tarokh, N. Seshadri and A.R. Calderbank Space-time Codes for High Data Rate Wireless Communications: Performance Criterion and Code Construction IT Trans. March 1998
2000 V. Guruswami and M. Sudan Improved Decoding of Reed-Solomon and Algebraic-Geometry Codes IT Trans. Sept. 1999
2001 E. Telatar Capacity of Multi-Antenna Gaussian Channels ETT Nov.-Dec. 1999
2002 T.J. Richardson and R.L. Urbanke The Capacity of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes Under Message-Passing Decoding IT Trans. Feb. 2001
2002 M.G. Luby, M. Mitzenmacher, M.A. Shokrollahi and D.A. Spielman Improved Low-Density Parity-Check Codes Using Irregular Graphs IT Trans. Feb. 2001
2003 L. Zheng and D.N.C. Tse Communication on the Grassmann manifold: A geometric approach to the noncoherent multiple-antenna channel IT Trans. Feb. 2002
2004 R. Koetter and A. Vardy Algebraic Soft-decision Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes IT Trans. Nov. 2003
2005 S.-Y.R. Li, R.W. Yeung and N. Cai Linear Network Coding IT Trans. Feb. 2003
2006 A. Orlitsky, N.P. Santhanam and J. Zhang Universal Compression of Memoryless Sources Over Unknown Alphabets IT Trans. July 2004
2007 H. Weingarten, Y. Steinberg and S. Shamai The Capacity Region of the Gaussian Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Broadcast Channel IT Trans. Sept. 2006
2008 D. Donoho Compressed Sensing IT Trans. Apr. 2006
2008 E. Candes and T. Tao Near-Optimal Signal Recovery from Random Projections: Universal Encoding Strategies IT Trans. Dec. 2006