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Claude E. Shannon

ComSoc & Information Theory Joint Paper Award

The purpose of the ComSoc & Information Theory Joint Paper Award is to recognize outstanding papers published in any publication of the Communications Society or the Information Theory Society during the previous calendar year. The authors do not have to be a member of IEEE. Presented annually, the award consists of a plaque and an honorarium up to US $500 for each author (total cost not exceeding US $1,000 for each paper).

Past Paper Awards are as follows.

2000 D. Tse and S. Hanly Linear Multiuser Receivers: Effective Interference, Effective Bandwidth and User Capacity IT Trans. March 1999
2000 X. Wang and V. Poor Iterative (Turbo) Soft Interference Cancellation and Decoding for Coded CDMA Comm. Trans. July 1999
2002 M.L. Honig and W. Xiao Performance of Reduced-Rank Linear Interference Suppression IT Trans. July 2001
2003 S. Shamai and I. Sason Variations on the Gallager Bounds, Connections, and Applications IT Trans. December 2002
2004 G. Caire and S. Shamai On the Achievable Throughput of a Multiantenna Gaussian Broadcast Channel IT Trans. July 2003
2005 N. Jindal, S. Vishwanath, and A. Goldsmith On the Duality of Gaussian Multiple-Access and Broadcast Channels IT Trans. May 2004
2006 T. Weissman, E. Ordentlich, G. Seroussi, S. Verdu and M. Weinberger Universal Discrete Denoising: Known Channel IT Trans. January 2005
2007 A. Shokrollahi Raptor Codes IT Trans. June 2006
2008 A. Abbasfar, D. Divsalar, and K. Yao Accumulate-Repeat-Accumulate Codes Comm. Trans. April 2007